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Since their introduction, Jetronic fuelinjection systems have proved themselves millions of times over.

The advantages inherent in fuel injection with regard to the demands for fuel economy, engine power, and not least of all for improved environmental compatibility, played a major role in these developments. Ongoing ECU and sensor developments were instrumental in the transition from the original D-Jetronic to the L-Jetronic, an electronically controlled multipoint fuel-injection system which is even more precise and reliable than its predecessors.

This manual describes the L-Jetronic and its most important features. Until 1996, this fuel-injection system was installed as an independent system in series-production vehicles, and in this configuration is today only of interest as far as servicing and repair is concerned.

Modern series-production vehicles are equipped with combined ignition and fuel-injection (Motronic). Linking this to the vehicle's other electronic systems permits the joint optimisation of all systems so that comprehensive engine-management becomes a reality.

These engine-management systems with their integrated ignition are described in the manual ?Motronic Engine Management?.

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