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Road & Track October 2000

The Dictionary

John Dinkel, my predecessor as Editor-in-Chief of R&T, has written an updated and expanded version of the extremely useful Road & Track Automotive Dictionary. John wrote the first one in 1977 with the editing help of a lot of the staff, and it became a favorite among readers who knew enough to know they needed a handy reference for a lot of automotive terms. Well, the new version includes more than twice as many definitions as the original, and many more illustrations to aid your understanding. It is truly a tour de force and John, one of the most knowledgeable tech guys I have ever met, provides easy-to-understand definitions throughout the 250 pages of the book.

The Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary is published by Bentley Publishers, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The dictionary is priced at $19.95, and you can order it from us here at Road & Track, P.O. Box 1757, Newport Beach, Calif. 92663; (800) 914-5656. I'm certain you'll find it an excellent resource-I know my copy of the original is well thumbed-and you may also want to think about the budding enthusiasts you know who could get tremendous help from this book.

-Thos. L. Bryant