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Car News (Australia) – October 27–November 9, 2000

The period from 1934 through to 1939 is generally regarded in the racing world as the "Era of the Titans". The racing machines were brutal and two of the legends of the time were Rudolph Caracciola and Bernd Rosemeyer.

Each was the top driver for his team – Caracciola for Mercedes-Benz and Rosemeyer for the newly formed Auto Union. Both were exceptional talents in a time when politics over-ruled virtually every facet of their lives.

Peter Stevenson has done an excellent job of tracing new information and questioning existing "truths" about the men, their rivalry and friendship, their relationship with the Nazi overlords who funded racing for the greater glory of Germany, and their private lives.

It is a story that will have you spellbound by bravery under incredible pressure and superb driving skills handling those 600 horsepower GP cars through skinny tyres that could be shredded by the application of too much power off the line!

Personally I wish there were more photographs of better quality, but that is a minor complaint. Titans they were.