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Race Car Vehicle Dynamics

by William F. Milliken

Hardcover, 10 1/4 in. x 7 1/4 in.
890 pages
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Race Car Vehicle Dynamics

Written for the engineer as well as the race car enthusiast, Race Car Vehicle Dynamics is a comprehensive book on the fundamental concepts of vehicle dynamics and their application in a racing environment. Much of the information included is not available in any other vehicle dynamics text. Although the book's primary focus is the race car, the engineering fundamentals it details are also applicable to passenger car design and engineering.

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics Table of Contents

1 The Problem Imposed By Racing
2 Tire Behavior
3 Aerodynamic Fundamentals
4 Vehicle Axis Systems
5 Simplified Steady-State Stability and Control
6 Simplified Transient Stability and Control
7 Steady-State Pair Analysis
8 Force-Moment Analysis
9 "g-g" Diagram
10 Race Car Design
11 Testing and Development
12 Chassis Set-up
13 Historical Note on Vehicle Dynamics Development
14 Tire Data Treatment
15 Applied Aerodynamics
16 Ride and Roll Rates
17 Suspension Geometry
18 Wheel Loads
19 Steering Systems
20 Driving and Braking
21 Suspension Springs
22 Dampers
23 Compliances

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics Textbk
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics Textbk
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