BMW Car Club of America
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BMW Car Club of America
It all began in Concord, Massachusetts, 1969. Seven men, bound by a shared love of driving the "Ultimate Driving Machine," felt that there had to be other BMW owners who shared the same enthusiasm for the superb performance and handling of the then almost unknown 1602 and 2002 sedans. Today the BMW CCA is more than 50,000 members strong with over 50 local chapters.
BMW CCA membership includes a wide and wonderful variety of activities and events to help you learn about, maintain, drive, and enjoy your BMW. Membership brings you the monthly Roundel, our colorful informative 100-plus page magazine, which many call the world's best car club publication. Each issue features maintenance tips, test results of new products, and exciting articles about everything from classic "Bimmers" to BMWs in racing. You'll find dozens of ways to enhance your BMW and ensure its lasting value, along with new gadgets, tools, sound systems, and accessories. Members may place free classified ads and get discounts on supplies and parts - which alone can save you the cost of yearly dues. Members benefit from many free services including expert technical advice and a library of technical information, manuals, and videos. Our ombudsman can intercede in disputes with dealers or repair shops, and our Value Information Coordinator can help establish true market value for insurance or sales purposes. Friends of BMW, a glove box size booklet, lists volunteers wiling to help with hospitality and repairs when traveling in their area.
If you own a BMW or are just interested in BMW's, we invite you to join with us! Visit our website at www.bmwcca.org, email us for membership information at bmwcclub@aol.com, or call us toll free anytime at 1-800-878-9292. You can also print and fill out the membership application and mail it to us at BMW Car Club of America, Inc, 640 South Main Street, Suite 201 Greenville, SC 29601