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Audi A4 Repair Manual: 1996-2001

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see Brake system

Air cleaner/filter
Air filter element, replacing A-34
ATQ engine M 24-1
ATW engine H 24-9
AWM engine J 24-9

Air conditioning
A/C compressor brackets V 87-6
A/C refrigerant system (R-134a) switches & sensors V 87-4
Climate control components V 87-9
Climate control components in passenger compartment V 87-15
Evaporator housing drain V 87-23
Fresh/recirculating air flap vacuum unit, testing V 87-26
Heater/air conditioner assembly
(1996 m.y.) V 87-24
(1997 m.y. ?) V 87-25
Instrument panel air outlets V 87-22
Vacuum system, hose layout V 87-26

Component locations U 69-18
Passenger-side U 69-26
Replacing after an accident U 69-15
Safety precautions U 69-14
Side airbag, harness connections under seat U 69-28
Steering wheel with airbag, removing and installing U 69-20

Alarm system
Central locking system, remote transmitter

see Generator
see Ribbed belt

Amplifier (sedan) X 91-7
Roof antenna (wagon) X 91-15
Cooling system
Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
Brake System
Automatic transmission
Transmission (01V automatic)


Back-up light switch
Manual transmission
all wheel drive P 34-9
front wheel drive N 34-3

Load testing W 27-3
No load voltage testing A-27
Procedure following interruption of voltage supply W 27-2
Removing and installing W 27-1
Service A-24

see Ribbed belt
see Toothed belt

Bleeding brakes
see Brake system

Body, exterior equipment
B-pillar outer trim T 66-5
Door mirrors T 66-3
Front wheel housing liner T 66-7
Protective trim moldings T 66-1
Rear wheel housing liner T 66-8
Trunk lid handle T 66-6
Underbody sealants and coatings

Front fender T 50-4
Lock carrier, service position T 50-3
Noise insulation panel T 50-6

Body, interior trim
see also Interior equipment
Floor carpet U 70-40
Front door trim U 70-1
Instrument panel U 70-13
Power mirror switch U 70-5
Rear door trim U 70-8
Roof trim (sedan) U 70-17
Roof trim (wagon) U 70-21
Trim (general) U 70-26
Trim (sedan) U 70-31
Trim (wagon) U 70-37

Boost pressure
see Turbocharger system

Brake fluid
Level, checking A-20
Replacing A-21

Brake system
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
Bosch 5.0 R 45-3
Bosch 5.3 R 45-5
Bleeding and changing brake fluid
R 47-1
Brake light switch, adjusting R 46-16
Brake pad thickness, checking A-44
Brake pedal R 46-13
Cruise control system vent valve, adjusting R 46-17
Front brakes, servicing R 46-1
Master cylinder R 47-3
Parking brake R 46-7
Rear brakes, servicing R 46-4
Suspension mounted ABS components R 45-7
Technical data R 00-1

Front bumper T 63-1
Front spoiler T 63-5
License plate holder T 63-1
Rear bumper
(sedan) T 63-6
(wagon) T 63-8


see Brake system

Camshaft, removing and installing
AEB/ATW engines B 15-20
AFC engine D 15-9
AHA/ATQ engines E 15-21
AWM engine C 15-23

Camshaft position sensor, checking
AEB engine G 28-2
AFC engine K 28-13
AHA engine L 28-7
ATQ engine M 28-9

Camshaft oil seals, replacing
AEB /ATW engines B 15-16

CD changer
see Radio

Central locking system
Central locking system
(sedan) T 57-17
(wagon) T 57-21
Fuel filling flap lock actuator (wagon) T 57-21
Rear lid lock actuator
(sedan) T 57-19
(wagon) T 57-22
Remote transmitter (alarm system)
T 57-23

Climate control
see Air conditioning

setting A-56
see Transmission
(01A all wheel drive manual)

Compression, checking
AEB/ATW engines B 15-13
AFC engine D 15-8
AHA/ATQ engines E 15-11
AWM engine C 15-15

Console, center
see Interior trim

Coolant, checking A-18

Cooling system
AEB/ATW engines B 19-1
AFC engine D 19-1
AHA/ATQ engines E 19-1
AWM engine C 19-1

Crankshaft position (CMP) sensor
AFC engine K 28-7

Cruise control
switch, terminal assignment W 94-14
system W 27-12
vent valve, adjusting R 46-17

CV joint
see Suspension, front

Cylinder block, crankshaft and flywheel
AHA/ATQ engines E 13-2
Cylinder head
AEB/ATW engines B 15-2
AFC engine D 15-3
AHA/ATQ engines E 15-7
AWM engine C 15-2


see Instruments

Diagnostic trouble codes
see Section Z
Fault checking A-57

Differential and final drive
see Transmission
(01A all wheel drive manual),
rear final drive
see also Transmission
(01V automatic), front final drive

Disc brakes
see Brake System

Doors, front
Assembly T 57-2
Check straps, lubricating A-49
Lock and handle
(early) T 57-6
(late) T 57-10
Checking operation A-49
Lubricating A-49
Removing/installing T 57-1
Window regulator and door window, removing/installing T 57-5

Doors, rear
Assembly T 58-2
Door check straps, lubricating A-49
Door locks, checking operation A-49
Rear door handle T 58-11
Rear window, adjusting T 58-1
Removing and installing T 58-2
Window regulator and door window, removing/installing T 58-4

Door panel
Body, interior trim
front door trim or rear door trim

Drive axles
Suspension, front
Suspension, rear

Drive belt
Toothed belt

Dust and pollen filter, replacing A-35


Electrical system
electrical test equipment Y 7
electrical troubleshooting Y 15
wiring diagrams and component locations, see Section Y
see also Wiring

Engine control module (ECM)
removing and installing W 97-2
versions (AFC engine) K 24-1

Engine coolant temperature sensor, electrically checking
AHA engine L 24-6
ATQ engine M 28-6
ATW engine H 28-12
AWM engine J 28-12

Engine identification A-6

Engine oil level
checking A-15

Engine specifications
AEB/ATW engines B 00-2
AFC engine D 00-2
AHA/ATQ engines E 00-2
AWM engine C 00-1

Engine speed sensor
AFC engine K 28-8
ATW engine H 28-11
AWM engine J 28-11
(AFC engine) D 13-9

EVAP system
canister purge regulator valve, checking resistance (AHA engine)
L 24-15
components F 20-17

Exhaust system
AEB/ATW engines B 26-1
AFC engine D 26-1
AHA/ATQ engines E 26-1
AWM engine C 26-1

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve
checking (AFC engine) K 24-17


see Body?Front

AEB/ATW engines B 13-10
AFC engine D 13-6
AHA/ATQ engines E 13-7
AWM engine C 13-14

Fog lights
see Lights, switches?exterior

Front doors
see Doors, front

Front seats
see Seats

Front suspension
see Suspension, front

Fuel filter, replacing A-23
Fuel injection
Fuel injection components, checking
AFC engine K 24-12
Fuel injection system, servicing
AEB engine G 24-1
AFC engine K 24-1
AHA engine L 24-1
ATQ engine M 24-1
ATW engine H 24-1
AWM engine J 24-1
Fuel injection, technical data
AEB engine G 24-3
AFC engine K 24-6
AHA engine L 24-5
ATQ engine M 24-2
ATW engine H 24-2
AWM engine J24-2
Fuel pressure, checking
AEB engine G 24-7
AFC engine K 24-8
AHA engine L 24-13
ATQ engine M 24-8
ATW engine H 24-10
AWM engine J 24-10
Fuel pump relay, checking
AEB engine G 24- 5
AFC engine K 24-12
AHA engine L 24-7
ATQ engine M 24-16
ATW engine H 24-6
AWM engine J 24-6
Fuel rail
AEB engine B 15-4
AFC engine K 24-4
ATQ engine M 24-13
ATW engine H 24-13
AWM engine J 24-13
Throttle valve control module, adapting
AEB engine G 24-11
AHA engine L 24-17
ATQ engine M 24-18
ATW engine H 24-14
AWM engine J 24-14

Fuel supply system
Electronic Engine Power Control (EPC) system F 20-28
EVAP system F 20-17
Kickdown function, adapting F 20-30
Mechanical throttle control, servicing F 20-22
(all wheel drive) F 20-13
(front wheel drive) F 20-3

Fuel tank
All wheel drive F 20-13
Front wheel drive F 20-3

Section Y, wiring diagrams and component locations


see Ribbed belt
pulley W 27-9
Mounting bracket
AEB/ATW engines B 13-5
AWM engine C 13-7
Removing and installing W 27-4
Voltage regulator W 27-8

Glove compartment
see Interior equipment


Hand brake
see Brake System, parking brake

see Lights, switches?exterior

Heating and ventilation
see Air conditioning

Hood, lids
Gas-filled strut, removing and installing T 55-3
Hood, components T 55-2
Rear lid T 55-5
Tailgate (wagon) T 55-11

How to use this manual A-2


Identification plates and labels
Engine identification A-6
Rear final drive identification A-8
Transmission identification A-7
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Idle air control valve, checking
AFC engine K 24-15

Ignition switch lock cylinder
servicing W 94-15

Ignition system
AEB engine G 28-1
AFC engine K 28-3
AHA engine L 28-1
ATQ engine M 28-1
ATW engine H 28-1
AWM engine J 28-1

Instrument cluster, removing/installing W 90-1
Instrument cluster (m.y. 2000?)
W 90-7
Instrument panel U 70-13

Intake air temperature sensor
Checking resistance
AHA engine L 24-6
ATQ engine M 28-5
ATW engine H 28-9
AWM engine J 28-9

Intake manifold
Assembly (with fuel rail)
AEB/ATW engines B 15-4
AFC engine K 24-4
AWM engine C 15-3
Change-over valve, checking resistance (AFC engine) K 24-21
Change-over components
(ATQ engine) M 24-7
Tuning valve, checking resistance
(AHA engine) L 24-19

Interior equipment
Armrest U 68-7
Front ashtray, removing U 68-11
Front center console U 68-10
Glove compartment U 68-2
Knee bolster U 68-2
Parking brake lever trim U 68-5
Partition grille U 68-15
Rear center console U 68-5
Rear view mirror U 68-12
Steering column cover U 68-4
Telephone lift mechanism in armrest U 68-8

see Turbocharger system

Interior lights
see Lights, switches?interior


Jacking vehicle
see Lifting vehicle


Knock sensor resistance, checking
AEB engine G 28-3
AFC engine K 28-12


Leak detection pump, checking resistance
AHA engine L 24-15

License plate light
see Lights, switches?exterior

Lifting vehicle A-11

Lights, switches?exterior
Fog lights W 94-7
adjusting A-50
automatic vertical aim W 94-6
range adjuster, front S 40-5
range adjuster, rear S 42-13
removing and installing W 94-1
xenon W 94-3
High mount brake
(sedan) W 94-11
(wagon) W 94-13
License plate
(sedan) W 94-11
(wagon) W 94-13
Switches, steering column W 94-14
Tail lights
(sedan) W 94-10
(wagon) W 94-10
Turn signal
front W 94-7
side mounted W 94-9
Center console switches W 96-1
Ignition switch W 94-15
Interior lights, servicing W 96-2

Lock carrier
Service position A-36, T 50-3

Lock cylinder
see Doors-front
Heating W 96-6
Lubrication A-49

Lubrication system components
AEB/ATW engines B 17-1
AFC engine D 17-2
AHA/ATQ engines E 17-1
AWM engine C 17-1


Schedules A-59

Manual transmission
see Transmission
(01A All wheel drive manual)
(012/01W Front wheel drive manual)

Mass air flow sensor, checking
AFC engine K 24-20

Master cylinder
Brake System
(01A All wheel drive manual)

Body?exterior equipment, door mirrors
Multi-function transmission range switch Q 37-22


Noise insulation panel T 50-6


Oil and filter, changing A-16


Parking brake
see Brake system

Parking lights
see Lights, switches?exterior

Plenum chamber, water drain valve
Checking and cleaning A-35

Power steering
Fluid level, checking A-22

Power windows
Regulators, checking A-50
Doors, front
Doors, rear
Procedure following interruption of voltage supply A-26, W 27-2


see Cooling system

Anti-theft coding, activating A-51
Components X 91-10
CD changer X 91-17
(? m.y. 1997) X 91-1
(m.y. 1998 ?) X 91-5

Rear doors
see Doors, rear

Rear seat
see Seats

Rear suspension
see Suspension, rear

see Section Y, wiring diagrams and component locations

Ribbed belt
AEB/ATW engines B 13-2
AFC engine D 13-2
AWM engine C 13-3

Road test A-58


Scan tool codes
see Section Z

Scan tool suppliers
see Section Z

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system
(sedan) U 69-10
(wagon) U 69-11
Three-point seatbelts U 69-5
Rear belt adjuster U 69-7
Safety precautions U 69-1

Airbag adapter, connecting U 72-4
Front seats U 72-1
Rear seat U 72-15
Recaro seat U 72-6
Side airbag harness connector, disconnecting U 72-3

Secondary air system
ATW engine B 26-8
AWM engine C 26-10

Serpentine belt
Ribbed belt

Service reminder indicator A-53

see Transmission (01V automatic)
Slave cylinder
see Transmission
(01A all wheel drive manual),
clutch hydraulic system

Sound absorber panels A-14

Sound system
see Radio

Spark plugs, replacing A-33

removing and installing W 27-10

Power steering pump, reservoir and hydraulic fluid circuit S 48-13
Sport steering wheel with airbag, assembly S 48-26
Sport steering wheel, retrofitting U 69-21
Steering column switches W 94-14
Steering gear components S 48-2
Steering gear, adjusting S 48-12
Steering system, bleeding S 48-11
Steering wheel
assembly S 48-25
multifunction X 91-21
removing and installing U 69-20
Tie rods S 48-7

Operation T 60-1
(sedan) T 60-2
(wagon) T 60-8
Water drain hoses, cleaning T 60-12
Wind deflector T 60-7

Suspension, general
Technical data S 00-2
Weight codes S 00-1

Suspension, front
Front drive axles S 40-6
Strut, removing/installing S 40-12
Stabilizer bar S 40-28
Tie rod ends, checking A-44
Transport locks, removing A-48
Wheel bearing S 40-21

Suspension, rear
Rear axle, servicing
(front wheel drive) S 42-1
(all wheel drive) S 42-11
Strut, servicing
(front wheel drive) S 42-6
(all wheel drive) S 42-15
Wheel bearing S 42-25



see Lights, switches?exterior

Telephone system X 91-19

Throttle position sensor, checking resistance and adjusting
AFC engine K 24-20

Throttle valve control module
adaptation to engine control module
AEB engine G 24-11
AHA engine L 24-17
ATQ engine M 24-19
ATW engine H 24-14
AWM engine J 24-14

Tie rod ends
checking A-44

Timing belt
Toothed belt

Checking A-45
Wheels, tires, alignment

Toothed belt
AEB/ATW engines B 13-7
AFC engine D 13-3
AHA/ATQ engines E 13-3
AWM engine C 13-11

Torque converter
Transmission (01V automatic)

Towing A-9

(01A all wheel drive manual)
Clutch, servicing P 30-10
Clutch hydraulic system P 30-5
Clutch master cylinder P 30-6
Clutch pedal position switch P 30-4
Driveshaft, servicing P 39-4
Front drive axle flange seal, replacing P 39-1
Identification P 00-1
Manual transmission/final drive, oil level checking A-38
Rear final drive P 39-11
Rear final drive, oil level A-43
Removing and installing P 34-7
Shift linkage, adjusting P 34-5
Shift mechanism components P 34-2
Speedometer vehicle speed sensor P 39-1

(012/01W front wheel drive manual)
Clutch P 30-10
Front drive axle flange seal P 39-1
Identification N 00-1
Manual transmission/final drive, oil level checking A-38
Removing and installing N 34-1
Shift linkage, adjusting P 34-5
Speedometer vehicle speed sensor P 39-1 Transmission (01V automatic)
ATF lines, overview Q 37-22
Code letters, allocation, ratios, equipment Q 00-2
Driveshaft, servicing Q 39-5
Electrical components Q 37-22
Fluid level, checking A-39
Front final drive, oil level checking A-41
Gear oil in front final drive Q 39-1
Manual transmission/final drive, oil level checking A-38
Multi-function transmission range switch Q 38-2
Oil pan Q 38-1
Quattro center differential, oil level checking A-42
Shift mechanism (without Tiptronic) Q 37-5
Speedometer vehicle speed sensor
-G22-, removing/installing Q 38-3
Tiptronic shift mechanism Q 37-2
Torque converter Q 32-4
Transmission, removing and installing Q 37-8
Transmission vehicle speed sensor
-G38-, removing/installing Q 38-4

see Body, interior trim

see Hoods, lids
Turbocharger system
AEB/ATW engines B 21-1
AWM engine C 21-1

Turn signals
see Lights, switches?exterior


Vacuum line connections
AFC engine K 24-27
AHA engine L 24-20
ATQ engine M 28-11
ATW engine H 24-17
AWM engine J 24-17

Valve gear, servicing
AHA/ATQ engines E 15-1
AWM engine C 15-16

Valvetrain, servicing
AEB/ATW engines B 15-14
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) A-4

see Heating and ventilation

Voltage regulator W 27-8


Water pump
see Cooling system

Wheel alignment
see Wheels, tires, alignment

Wheel bearing
see Suspension, front
see also Suspension, rear

Wheels, tires, alignment
Tires, checking A-45
Wheels and tires S 44-1
Wheel alignment S 44-3
Wheel bolts, tightening to specified torque A-47

see Doors, front
see also Doors, rear

Windshield wiper and washer system
Headlight washer motors and nozzles, removing/installing W 92-7
Rear wiper/washer system W 92-7
Switch, terminal assignment W 94-15
Windshield wiper system W 92-1
Wiper blade contact angle W 92-3

Connector stations, single/multi-pin connectors, locations W 97-4
Control modules and electrical components W 97-6
Engine control module (ECM), removing/installing W 97-2
Relay panel, fuse panel W 97-1
Wiring harness and connectors, repairing W 97-8

Wiring Diagrams and Component Locations
1996 wiring diagrams, index Y 27
1997 wiring diagrams, index Y 29
1998 wiring diagrams, index Y 33
1999 wiring diagrams, index Y 37
2000 wiring diagrams, index Y 45
2001 wiring diagrams, index Y 639
component locations Y 783
handling components and connectors Y 13
how to read wiring diagrams Y 3
symbols used in wiring diagrams Y 5
test equipment Y 7
troubleshooting Y 15
using wiring diagrams Y 1
wiring diagram layout Y 2