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Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion: 1954-1994

Four-cylinder History, Care, and Restoration: Giulietta, Giulia and Alfetta Families

by Pat Braden

Softcover, 8 3/8 in. x 11 in.
296 pages
392 photos and illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0275-2
Price: $59.95

Alfa Romeo Models Covered
  • Giulietta
    (including Sprint, Sprint Veloce, Spider, Spider Veloce, Sprint Speciale, Junior Zagato, SZ)
  • Giulia
    (including Sprint, Sprint GT, Spider, Spider Veloce, SS, TZ, TZ2, TI, Super, Junior)
  • Quattroruote 4R Zagato
  • Duetto Spider
  • GTA
  • GTV
  • GT Junior
  • 1750 GTV
  • 1750 Berlina
  • 1750 Duetto
  • 2000 Spider
  • 2000 GTV
  • 2000 Berlina
  • Alfetta Berlina
  • Alfetta GT
  • Graduate
  • New Giulietta

Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion provides an excellent technical and historical overview of the Giulietta and Giulia family of small sporting roadsters, coupes and sedans. If an Alfa Romeo had one of the all-alloy four-cylinder engines and reached production, it's covered in the Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion. That means that even after the Giulia name was dropped - particularly in the United States - the many variants of Duetto, GTV, Berlina and Alfetta are covered, from 1954 through 1994 when the final Alfas-including the four-cylinder Spiders-were sold in the United States.

When it came to Alfa Romeos, author Pat Braden was an enthusiast's enthusiast. Pat didn't just write about Alfas - he lived and breathed Alfas. From the mid-1950s when he first owned a Giulietta Sprint until his death in August 2002, Pat had owned scores of Alfa Romeos, ranging from a 6C 1750GTC and an 8C 2300 to 1900s, Giuliettas, Giulias and countless later models.

Alfa models are discussed according to history, engine, chassis and trouble spots. Without being a repair manual, this book contains important technical information needed to understand and enjoy one of these Alfas, as well as to perform many minor repair, maintenance, and service tasks.

Braden starts with a brief overview of Alfa Romeo history, followed by a look at Alfa's presence in America. He also explores the major models of coupe, spider and berlina that used the all-alloy four-cylinder, as well as the limited production variants. Of course, he also gives much attention to that mighty engine itself. Braden explains the design and history of the engine, as well as exploring trouble spots and offering extensive advice and tips. Additional technical sections focus on the fuel system, transmission, brakes and chassis, not to mention overall restoration.

Alfa Romeo All-Alloy Twin Cam Companion is a key to getting the absolute maximum benefit and enjoyment out of Alfa.

"This work, like Pat's previous efforts, is certainly a product of his abundance of enthusiasm, hopefully written in the light of the alcohol lamp we fueled with 159 methanol for him. His keyboard may be silent, but this volume remains as technical history for all Alfisti to savor."
- Don Black, retired chief engineer of Alfa Romeo, Inc.
"Pat Braden was an inspiration to me as a writer and an Alfa enthusiast. He was always generous with his time and knowledge, and became one of the first contributors to "Sports Car Market" when it was still the "Alfa Romeo Market Letter". Pat was the only Alfa enthusiast and accomplished writer who had experienced every era of Alfa Romeos, from the ground-pounding 8Cs of the 1930s to the Alfettas of the 70s. The word "irreplaceable" surely applies in this case."
- Keith Martin, publisher of Sports Car Market Magazine
"Pat Braden was the consumate Alfa Romeo enthusuast who spent a great portion of his life promoting the marque and its heritage. This volume is the final chapter in his labor of love."
- former ARI public relations manager Craig Morningstar
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Chapter 4: Berlinas
Although the 1750 Berlina is often perceived as a new automobile, underneath the crisp new suit the car is very much a Giulia.
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Chapter 10: SPICA Mechanical Fuel Injection
With the air-injection trunking removed, the view of the linkages of the SPICA injection system of this 1979 Sports Sedan is improved.
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Chapter 12: Transmissions
The major variations of transmissions to match the all-alloy twin-cam four.
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Chapter 12: Restoration
If it weren't for its rarity and its desirability, this 1962 101-series Giulietta Sprint Speciale might not have been a candidate for restoration. Like so many projects, it languished for years and was close to being discarded on several occasions.
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